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We go beyond offering mobile sawing machines. We think with you and make sure you get the right sawing machine for your circumstances.

Woodmizer - Smeets

Wood-Mizer saws are known for their precision, which ensures accurate cuts. So you can get more boards out of a log.

Woodmizer - Smeets

The special saw head and saw bed make it easy to set up the machines quickly, even on uneven terrain. In addition, they work in both heat and freezing conditions.

Woodmizer - Smeets

The design of the saw head with unilateral suspension allows unrestricted log handling. As a result, you achieve the desired result.

Woodmizer - Smeets

The saws are suitable as mobile machines with an undercarriage. With a transport capacity between 700 - 2,500 kg, no heavy towing vehicle is needed.

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